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These four titles are absolutely free and were designed to help cancer patients or anyone facing challanges who are going through difficult times to access some resources that could make their lives a little more manageable. Managing any one of these areas of your life could enhance the positive impact on the outcomes you will experience.  Learning to relax and letting go of worry is most important in your journey.

1. Stress transformation:stress relief download

2.Weight loss:loss weight DOWNLOAD

3. Release smoking from your life:be smoke free download

4.Memory and Concentration Pkg.improve memory and concentration DownloadS, DownloadW, Download3

5. A gift from your higher POWER. For anyone interested in amassing Wealth:acquire wealth health and happiness Download if you listen to this audio for 30 days, amazing things will begin to happen.(much more inside)    this audio operates under the below definition of WEALTH:This second file is dichotic, and broadcasts health in one stereo channel and wealth in the other(most effective for recovery): Download

 *          W= mentally well
            E= emotionally well
            A= abundance-success
            L= love unconditionally
            T= totally integrated
            H= healthy physically

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AudiNova self-hypnotic meditationScientifically More Effective
guides your brainwaves into various states of meditation, it is important to understand all of the different ways this incredibly beneficial mind-state has been proven to help you with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress and a whole range of health problems, and can also act as a catalyst to achieving your goals.

     Health Enemy #1: Stress. Do you ever stop to think about how much stress affects your life? According to Stanford University Medical School Dr. Bruce Lipton, a prominent and highly respected cell researcher, Stress is the cause of at least 95% of all disease. As countless studies have proven, stress is a weapon of mass destruction. We must learn how to transcend this so called "silent killer".
     In a stressful situation, your body gets ready for emergency action, causing certain hormones to flood your system. This "fight or flight" reaction increases your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate, while tightening up all of your muscles. A natural product of our evolution, this response was very important for our ancient ancestors who faced real life or death situations.
     Mismanaging Stress. The problem is, modern man’s common relationship issues, job problems, and financial difficulties are unnecessarily eliciting this same chemical cocktail of harmful hormones. Even worse, because these aren’t true fight or flight situations, we often suck it up and internalize the stress, making us feel helpless and powerless, surging our systems with even more nasty stuff.
     Long-term stress (chronic) can exhaust your entire nervous system, releasing cortisol and adrenaline in a vicious cycle, eventually causing you to burn out. The result? You age faster, your immune system weakens, and your vital brain tissue shrinks. Soon, anxiety and depression set in, causing you to seek out an escape mechanism, usually an addiction. Without an effective stress antidote, things can spiral further out of control, opening the door up to disease of all types.
Self-hypnotic meditation is the Key. Scientifically More Effective
  From physically changing the structure of the brain (neuroplasticity), to releasing stress neutralizing chemicals, to quieting the anxiety-creating mind-chatter, here we discuss a few of the reasons that meditation is the very best stress-neutralizing tool. Access the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, and easily: Get started with
AudiNova self-hypnotic meditation.Scientifically More Effective

     Raise Your Stress Limit.  A jogger who has trained himself to run five miles per day is unphased by a now petty one mile run that seemed difficult in his first week. Likewise, practicing meditation regularly (8 minutes a day), will also push your mental and emotional thresholds to higher limits. The stress that once left you anxious, depressed, and possibly reaching for your favorite escape mechanism (addiction) will simply not carry anywhere near the same weight as before.
     In addition, all of the anxiety, depression, and addiction building up over your lifetime gets melted away, session by session, layer by layer even if you have tried everything else without success. In the end, your nerves of steel will be impenetrable to stress and all of its nasty side effects.
     Busy Mind Epidemic.  Scientists believe that our brains generate more than 50,000 thoughts per day. The problem is, for most of us, our minds feed us useless, fear-based, past/future narratives that make no difference to us in the present moment. The same stale, repetitive thoughts about not having enough, not doing enough, and not being enough make us feel inadequate, powerless, and helpless.
     To compound the problem, we create even more resistance by attaching good/bad labels to our incoming thoughts. The world-renowned founding father of analytical psychology, Dr. Carl Jung, perhaps put it best, what you resist, persists. This monkey mind effect creates a stress-based downward spiral, opening the door up to anxiety, depression, addiction, and a long list of disease.
                         To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. Lao Tzu
     Quieting The Mind. Luckily, meditation is the very best method of quieting and stilling the mind. Meditation teaches you to be mindful of your incoming thoughts - aware of your inner monologue. It transfers power away from the busy, "monkey mind" to the slow, deep, profound so-called "ox mind", allowing you to think more clearly and creatively about everything happening in your life. Eventually your dominant level of consciousness will be calm yet powerful, where your true potential can finally shine through.
     Your highly beneficial meditation sessions will effectively eliminate whatever stress your cells are currently holding in, while preventing all future stress from snowballing into anything unmanageable like anxiety, depression or any other disease. With medical science making it obvious just how damaging stress is to our overall health, it is easy to see why this age-old practice is now so commonly prescribed by doctors.
     The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.
Access the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, and easily:
Get started with AudiNovaScientifically More Effective

     Meditation and hypnosis grows the brain’s happy center. Meditation is now seen by many within the neuroscientific and psychological research communities as the holy grail for a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Thousands of brain scientists have come to a simple yet impactful conclusion - the more you meditate, the happier and healthier you will become.
     In a landmark 2005 study, Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar discovered that meditators had much more neural density, gray matter thickness, and neural activity within their left prefrontal cortex perhaps the smartest & happiest brain region of all. To compound this amazing discovery, Dr. Lazar found that the more years of meditation experience a participant had under his/her belt, the greater the overall size of their super-beneficial prefrontal cortex.
     Traditional meditators have been anxiety-free, happy people for countless centuries, modern science is finally catching up with what our ancestors have known all along. If you want to rewire your brain for happiness, then self-hypnotic meditation is priority one.
Self-hypnotic meditation shrinks the brain’s fear center.Scientifically More Effective
Known as the anxiety, stress, and fear center of the brain, an overactive amygdala can create a whole spectrum of problems, including the initiation of our fight or flight response. Our hunting and gathering ancestors needed their survival mode activated amygdala on a daily basis. Modern man does not. The good news is that self-hypnotic meditation, through a process known as "neuroplasticity", structurally transforms the brain and how it responds to stress.
     In fact, after an 8 week mindfulness study, Boston University researchers’ MRI scans show that the brain’s anxiety, depression and fear center, the amygdala - shrunk significantly. The scientists found that the synergetic connectivity between the amygdala and the rest of the brain also weakened, while the brain areas associated with focus and higher consciousness got stronger.
     On top of that, the effect grows the more you practice. Adrienne Taren, a mindfulness researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, said the scale of these changes strongly correlate with the number of hours of meditation practice. A monumental discovery, effectively rewiring how the brain responds to stress has far-reaching implications, opening the door up to an array of incredible mind/body benefits.
     Perhaps the next great leap forward in the evolution of man will be found in the training of mind. If so, meditation is the leading candidate to spark this revolution.
     Access the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, and easily: Get started
Self-hypnotic meditation.Scientifically More Effective

     Self-hypnotic meditation optimizes your brainwaves. Sleep or awake, your brain fires electrical signals 24 hours per day, outwardly measured as "brainwaves." Your brainwave state at any given time is the sum total of your thoughts, emotions, mood and overall health. Depending on what you are doing during the day, your brainwave patterns will have varying wavelengths and certain defining characteristics.
     One particular brainwave, Beta, has shown to be prevalent when we are stressed, anxious, depressed, and unwell. While fundamental to life, spending too much time in beta can wreak havoc on your mental, emotional, and physical health. It is essential to find brainwave states that effectively cool off our overheated, problem causing beta brainwave patterns.
self-hypnotic meditationScientifically More Effective
guides your brain into the most healthy, advanced states Alpha, Theta, and Delta, respectively. These super-beneficial brainwaves are known for producing incredible benefits far beyond the scope of this article, including super-learning, memory, creativity, releasing of good neurochemicals, intuition, cell-renewal, the list goes on and on.
     By releasing you from the Beta state, meditation opens up a whole new world of awesome!
(Tip: self-hypnotic meditation programs focus exclusively on these super beneficial brainwave patterns, allowing you access to the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, & easily.
     Access the limitless benefits of meditation quickly, safely, and easily:  Get started
Self-hypnotic meditation.Scientifically More Effective

"What, precisely, did he discover? Dr. Benson found that meditation was the key to eliciting the body’s relaxation response. By simultaneously activating the cool and calm parasympathetic nervous system while deactivating "fight or flight" stress mode, in meditation, he discovered that his patients could essentially reverse countless health issues. While most of us spend some part of our days in a relaxed state, meditation further multiplies the relaxation response’s many chemical benefits, effectively making it the body’s status quo.
     His research just adds to the growing consensus among the scientific community: by effectively transforming how the body responds to incoming stress, from brain structure upgrades, to hormonal changes, to more optimal nervous system function, meditation is the very best tool for the prevention and even the reversal of 100’s of nasty mental, emotional, and physical ailments.
     Dr. Benson’s bestselling book, "Relaxation Response", has sold millions of copies, providing great momentum to the mind-body movement, and stands as another solid example of hard science confirming age-old meditation wisdom.
     Live a Long, Healthy Life. Have you ever noticed how a new president (or other person of power) seems to age a decade within their first couple years in office? Stress, according to many longevity scientists, is the new "biological clock" a dominant force which can make you look old long before your time.
     In fact, the tip-like "telomeres" within our DNA begin to fray, just like the shoe laces on your favorite running shoes, over time and especially under stress. In turn this makes us look and feel older, weakens our cells, and opens the door up to a bunch of nasty diseases. Not fun. Luckily telomere damage can be slowed down and even reversed.
     A major breakthrough, scientists at the University of California-Davis found meditators’ white blood cells had remarkably longer and stronger telomeres than the control group, definitively showing their vibrant health and longevity. As the guardian to old age, meditation effectively creates a stress "immunity shield", adding both quantity and quality years to your life."

     How would you like a better memory, concentration and a sharper brain altogether?  Or would you like to have greater confidence and  a successful ifestyle, be free of anxiety, stress and depression?  We at IPMD (Institute for Progressive Meta-Development) believe that our outer world, is a reflection of our internal world.  In order to change our outer world, we need to change ourselves.  Our minds are being assaulted from all directions by mass media trying to program us and manipulate us to their agendas.  We need the power to turn things around.  Toward this end we have developed a technology that is starting to show some amazing results in helping people change their minds and therefore their worlds.   If you want instant online access to the program, you can access it here for the unbelievable price of 36.00 lifetime access.   That's about the cost of a cup of coffee a month.  Tell everyone you care about.  Find out more  do it now   We can be successful and save this planet in the process- All it takes is one prime mover to get the ball rolling and take this viral: our planet needs you.  Would that be you?

Health - Wealth - Security

     Hypnogogic or zen like states do not occur very often in life if one does not spend many years in training to cultivate  them.  These states are observable on brainwave mapping equipment (EEG) and MRI's.  While in such a state, you are able to influence the functioning of the brain ,  to rewrite old counterproductive programs currently running your life.   This state occurs when the brain is brought in phase, eliciting predominantly one wave length.  Up till now it has not been easy to access this state.  IPMD in the last several years has developed a technology,  that can get you there a lot faster.  A state where your brain is higly focused and directed.  Success of any kind requires this highly coherent and integrated kind of mindset.

Fast - Effective and Easy to Use

Power of your Mind (video)

Our program integrates components of:

***hemispheric synchronization:

***Emotional Intelligence Criteria:

-Superlearning(whole brain learning)
-cognitive-behaviour therapy
-mindfulness based cognitive restructuring
-emotional restructuring therapy
-neural linguistic programming
-behaviour modification therapy
-self hypnotic trance induction and creative visualization

     Self-hypnotic meditation is the most effective way of getting into a deep trance state to affect life enhancing changes.  It is information to transformation.   Sound science to enhance  your reality.  The trance state is probably the most natural state we experience on a daily basis.  It is not at all like sleep.  That's all Hollywood and completely inaccurate.  The trance state is extremely focused and a highly aware state.  We go in and out of mostly light trances frequently throughout a day.  The key however is to do it at will and to deepen it to a point where it can affect the changes we desire in the subconscious mind.  That is what the audios are for.  No need to spend countless hours on meditation training or hypnotheray.  The best time to use the audios is anytime you have 8 minutes.  We get you over the hurdles of early life negative programs which are the greatest stumbling blocks, you need to overcome, if you want to be successful at anything.  Audi Nova guides you through the complete process, getting you up and running quickly.  All you have to do is put on the headphones and do the 8 minute  audio exercise.  You will start noticing changes within days.

meditate Visualize deeply to crystalize your goals

positive drive Virtually eliminate stress from your life…as you transform it into positive DRIVE

dramatically slow aging Naturally and safely stimulate the production of brain chemicals that dramatically slow aging  increase longevity and happiness…

boost mental powers Boost your mental powers to unheard of levels…

illiminate dysfunctional feelings eliminate “dysfunctional” feelings and behaviors and the problems they create in your life…

inner peace And attain a level of happiness and inner peace you may not have thought possible…

Rudi Nowak , Certified Hypnotist since 1989 MHA - Perceptual Psych-Behavioral Research Methodology U of W - Addiction Studies U of M, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - U of Sask-, Master NLP Practitioner


new nueronal synapses created
Fig1. - this demonstates the new connections being formed in your brain, when you use our   Sound-Matrix technology (nueroplasticity).
Video that explains it ALL

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Contributors to the audios - Saul Jacobson(affirmations), John Tozeland(Master NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Tracks), Dr. A. Krebbs PhD(vocals on 8 minute trance tracks), Progressive Systems Integration(psychoacoustic sound matrix technology),  Audi Nova(NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist -1989, CBT Practitioner, High Performance Coach, guided trance meditations).  Many more specific audios can be downloaded from membership area of this site.


Since I found IPMD's Master of Reality Course and started using the audios, my life has really turned around, no more inferiorities, no more insecurities.”  Mary C.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I’m much more joyful, confident, and hopeful asI am taking charge of my own reality. The SEED - Master of Reality works wonders, all I needed was just 8 miniutes a day! This stuff is just fucking amazing! Thank you for changing my life,  Audi!          Joane - N.J.

As a father, husband and businessman I would like to let you know that I believe this is a very valuable program and should be added to everyone’s agenda. Raj H.

The Author pinpoints the needs and problems most people come up against in daily living and goes on to advise how to attain or solve them to change our own reality. This program is certainly working for me, and also for my wife and children!  DAN - N.Y.

This course is such a great learning tool on how to make your life more abundant in every aspect by controlling your own reality. Richard M.

Master of Reality made me discover the strengths, I never knew I had, to achieve my goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take charge of their own reality.  Jenny

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